Our Business

In 1868 the Welsh family settled in the Nambucca Valley selecting farming land in the picturesque Talarm area.

Trevor, a Welsh descendant, is a 5th generation farmer who was born & raised on the land just outside of Macksville situated in the beautiful Nambucca Valley. He always had a passion for farming & dreamt of having his own land.

After marrying Tracie and having 4 children - Megan, Brad, Andrew and Nicole they purchased a farm at Allgomera then progressed to the farm at Taylors Arm.

Trevor & Tracie decided they needed to run a business to keep up with the cost of raising a young family so they purchased Welsh Stockfeeds, which was established and run by one of Trevor’s relatives, moving the family to the nearby Talarm, which they ran for 8 years learning a lot about grain and the benefits of providing both grain & grass to livestock.

However like they say home is where the heart is & Trevor wanted to head back to the farm at Taylors Arm so the Stockfeed business was sold & we all moved back to Taylors Arm. There were a few more ventures along the way as Trevor & Tracie worked hard to get the farm to the standard they had in mind.

Trevor’s passion for the farm life & his desire for people to experience the freshest produce has bought us to our new business WM Meats.

Megan & Ritchie are behind the ordering, advertising & facebook. Megan is the person you will speak to/hear from to arrange your delivery and for any enquiries about your order.

Hi I'm Megan, Trevor & Tracie’s eldest daughter.

I spent my life growing up on the farm mostly at Taylors Arm and as teenager couldn’t wait to get off the farm- boy was I wrong there!!! In 2010 I decided to follow in my grandmother’s (Nana Ruth) footsteps & pursue my desire to become a nurse, so I studied via correspondence whilst working full time.

In 2011 my partner Ritchie got offered a job in Roma QLD so we decided to leave the only place we’d ever called home & start our own adventure. We then left Roma to move to Toowoomba for Ritchie to pursue another job.

We decided we liked Toowoomba and would settle here, in 2013 we bought our first home then in 2014 we were married & I also finished my nursing degree. Our little family quickly grew & we welcomed 2 daughters within a year & a half- Macy and then Kelsey. Once having our gorgeous girls our hearts yearned to move back to the farm so we could raise the girls on the land enjoying the beautiful farm life and so their doting grandparents could have them around a lot more.

Every time Dad & Mum visited they always brought meat up to us from the farm, we then realised that there was a lack of quality meat available which was cut up and packaged on the farm that the animals were from then delivered direct to the customer’s door. From this WM Meats was established.

We look forward to hearing from you, thanks for supporting aussie farmers!